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Welcome to Christ Community Connection Inc. Christ Community Connection is a non-profit 501 (3) C organization dedicated to providing spiritual growth to the community using various projects to bridge the gap between many diverse races, cultures and traditions. We sponsor food baskets on Thanksgiving and Christmas for needy families. We also give annual scholarships to the Senior High Schools in the CFBISD including Mary Grimes Alternative School for dropout students who need a second chance.

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COME to the MLK Parade!

Lots of Fun to be had by All!

February Black History Month

100 Years of Black History in Carrollton, TX

Christ Community Connection Inc.

Annual Golfing Tournament 


Rainwater Street Named

Christ Community Connection  Has been a part of Carrollton for a very very  long time and we seek to give to our community in every area and make it a better place to live in

​​November Annual Scholarship Banquet

Dear Community, friends and partners, you are invited to

part take in all our activities and our celebrations. Join us, unite and connect with everyone to enjoy fun fulled days and activities.

Please come out and get involved and understand the purpose and values of service and  volunteer to serve our community. 

Rev.Willie Rainwater  President

1st Black Cemetery in       Carrollton Tx Historical Marker

January 19, 2019

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr   Parade Team 

1st Black Cemetery

in Carrollton Tx

Cleanup Event

Dr.​​ Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade 2017

MLK  Parade 2018

June- Annual Cemetery Cleanup